Internal audit & control systems services

Audit and internal control systems include:
1. Designing the structure and internal control systems for new companies in the light of Egyptian and international standards.
2. Assessing the effectiveness of the structure and internal control systems of the existing companies to detect the points of strength and weakness in order to assist the companies’ boards of directors in fulfilling the requirements of governance and regulatory inspection authorities.
3. Providing Internal audit services as it is one of the pillars of the internal control structure in accordance with Egyptian and international auditing standards.
4. Identifying and evaluating the risks that companies are exposed to, according to the financial and administrative auditing.
5. Reviewing and auditing the financial statements in accordance with the auditing standards in the light of the valid local applicable legislation requirements and issuing audit reports accordingly.
6. Performing audit tasks of special purpose, and tasks of implementing agreed-upon procedures.
7. Preparing financial statements.

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