Documentary Cycle Design Services

The office provides several financial, administrative consultations and services, including:
Preparing documentary cycles and designing and developing financial systems to elevate accounting work through:
*** set up of documentary cycles
* Preparing and designing documentary cycles.
* Planning financial accounting systems.
* Enhancing the efficiency of accounting systems.

*** Developing financial systems through
1. Formulating organizational structures and systems that comply with governance and internal control standards.
2. Preparing job description cards specifying the authorities, responsibilities, and job requirements.
3. Arranging regulation rules and policies of the companies various departments (financial – purchases – sales – warehouses – human resources)
4. Procedural guidelines set up for the above departments, which include the following.

*** Documentary cycles
* Suggested templates for documents and reporting procedures
*Documentary flow chart
* Preparing an accounting guide and chart of accounts and determining the Book Keeping in accordance with of the statutory requirements.

*** Design financial planning and control systems and Work Performance Evaluation
Designing a standard costing system.
Designing a Responsibility accounting system.
Designing planning budget systems and setting strategic plans.

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